Silent Meditation The Best For Workplace Stress

Meditation Benefits | Use A Silent Meditation To Deal With Your JobWhy is it that the place you spend the most time at is more than likely the place that causes you the greatest amount of stress? Of course there’s no telling why for most people where they work presents such a tremendous amount of angst. I’m sure it has something to do with personalities, money, and of course, image. That said, what can a person do to help alleviate this all too common problem? Practice meditation of course.

In this recent Where I Live Sydney post, the results of a recent study are discussed in which various meditation techniques were administered and their effectiveness at dealing with stress compared. According to Dr Ramesh Manocha, the lead researcher in the University of Sydney study, when it came to relieving workplace stress, silent meditation outranked other techniques such as simple relaxation and visualization.

Researchers led by Dr Ramesh Manocha of the university’s Meditation Research Program monitored the stress levels of city workers to find out how meditation could ease the burden.

Stress is an expensive problem that results in absenteeism, depression and heart problems.

But after an eight-week clinical trial, there was strong evidence of the clinically relevant impacts of meditation on the mental state of office workers, particularly among those who practised meditation aiming to achieve “mental silence”.

Dr Manocha used the ancient eastern understanding of meditation rather than modern methods. These more modern meditation techniques, such as simple relaxation or visualisation, performed less well in the research.

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