Some Useful Tips On Taming The Monkey Mind

For those new to meditation, the idea of your mind being compared to a monkey’s might be somewhat of an insult. To those who have been meditating for a while, the monkey mind concept used to describe the endless mind chatter that occurs both consciously and unconsciously is pretty spot on.

Whether you like it or not, your mind, while being a powerful tool to help solve your problems, can also be somewhat of a wild beast when it comes to actually quieting down. And although sometimes is can be helpful to reflect on the past and prepare for the future, most of the time, peace and quiet comes from focusing on the present moment.

The below post from Intent not only discusses the monkey mind, but also presents helpful tips to deal with this wildly beast.

To develop your concentration, you may want to start by focusing on the breath while you meditate. Whenever your monkey mind starts acting up, observe your thoughts and then return your focus to your breath. Some breathing meditations call on you to focus on the rise and fall of the breath through the abdomen, while others have you concentrate on the sound of the breath. Fire can also be mesmerizing, and focusing on a candle flame is another useful tool for harnessing the mind. Keep the gaze soft and unfocused while observing the color, shape, and movement of the flame, and try not to blink. Close your eyes when you feel the need and continue watching the flame in your head. Chanting, devotional singing, and mantras also still the mind. However you choose to tame the monkey mind, do so with firm kindness. The next time the chattering arises, notice it and then allow it to go away. With practice, your monkey mind will become quiet and so will you.

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