Step Back From The Material With Meditation

Meditation | Free Your Mind With MeditationAlthough anytime is a great time to meditate, most people find that a meditation practice is especially helpful during those moments when, for whatever reason, their ego screams out to them to look for an outward solution to an internal issue. Of course, what I’m taking about, is self confidence.

For better or worse, we live in a culture dominated by capitalism and therefore, a healthy dose of materialism (not to mention entitlement). The good news is, for those looking to change their outward gaze, meditation is as simple as plopping yourself down against a wall, closing your eyes, and becoming curious.

Katie Murdoch pens this recent Weekly Herald post about a meditation group in Seattle teaching participants how to use the practice to quiet their minds and look inward to find happiness.

The classes at Free Meditation Seattle are led by Buddhists monks who follow Dhammakaya, a Thai meditation technique. This method — described as a simple and original technique — focuses on relaxing and purifying the mind through seven steps.

The classes, which are open to adults and children, help reduce stress and teach people to quiet their mind and look inward to find happiness.

People look for happiness but have a hard time capturing it, said Venerable Manikanto Bkihhu, a Buddhist monk and volunteer instructor.

“If you’re seeking material things you’ll never find happiness,” he said.

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