Strengthen Your Inner Fortress With Meditation And Yoga

Meditation Benefits | A Yoga Meditation Practice Is Meant To Extended To Other Aspects Of Your LifeAlthough many believe that a yoga practice is purely physical, just try an extended Warrior I pose without cultivating some type of meditation.

Truth be told, yoga is meditation. The added benefit is that you get a good workout while at the same time strengthening that internal container that houses who you are.

Checkout this latest Time of India post courtesy of Health Me Up on the benefits of a yoga practice and why anyone would be crazy not to start one immediately. According to the article, besides increasing your energy, warding off allergies, and improving your sex life, yoga’s meditation when taken outside the studio can help improve other aspects of your life.

Yoga helps you meditate: Meditation is one limb of the yoga philosophy. Let’s not forget that yoga started with the prospect of helping yogis concentrate on meditation. A great parallel can be found here – yogis needed to stretch out their limbs so that they could stay seated in meditation for long periods of time. Today, we stay seated at our work desks – pretty much the same way. Why not learn from these wise men and ensure that we don’t hurt our backs etc with constant sitting by practicing yoga, either to meditate or stay fit despite long work hours.

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