Striving For Truth

The benefits of meditation are endless. From physical transformations having to do with pain. To mental changes having to do with your relationship with stress, anxiety, and depression. Even on the spiritual plane, meditation holds within it an opportunity to connect to something much deeper than your conscious experience.

According to Sally Kempton in her latest Patheos article, meditation is a practice that can help you get in touch with truth, both in how truthful you are with others, and more importantly with yourself. In presenting varying degrees of what it means to be truthful, Kempton invites us to become better acquainted with how we present ourselves to the world. In the end, a truthful life lived, leads to an opening of the heart.

Truth is a genuine teacher. When we make up our mind to follow where it leads, constantly asking ourselves questions like “What is my motive for speaking? Is it kind and necessary to say this? If not now, how will I know that it’s right to say this?” the power of truth will show us its subtleties and teach us wisdom. Patanjali says that through truthfulness we gain such a power that all our words turn out to be true. I don’t believe that he means that we become psychics, able to turn the base metal of lies into the gold of reality just by our words. Instead, I believe that he’s talking about the power to speak from inspiration, to hold firmly to the truth that is not only factual, but that illuminates, that can be received, that reflects the deeper state of the heart.

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