Students Turning To Meditation Instead Of Medication

As more information is published as to the positive benefits a meditation practice can have on your life, more and more people are rethinking their approach when it comes to health and wellness. Whereas we used to lived in a culture dominated primarily by the pharmaceutical industry, now more than ever, people are turning to more natural approaches like yoga and meditation to help them to deal with their mental and physical ailments.

Lance San Souci, in his latest The Good 5 Cent Cigar post, reports on one such person, a student at the University of Rhode Island. According to Souci, Chelsea Longa opted out of medication to treat her college induced emotional distress, choosing instead to use meditation and yoga as her solution. And there’s more, she’s working with the school to open a dedicated meditation space, similar to the ones already found at Harvard University and Bentley College.

“Stress [encompasses] both internal and external struggles, and the practice has helped me come back to what is really important,” Longa said, referring to the way that meditation brings oneself into the present.  “It’s the most beneficial [practice] for students who are all stressed out from school.”

Pereira agreed with Longa and added that meditation, which encompasses a number of forms that include yoga and breathing, can also bring clarity and peace to one’s life.

“In meditation, you are shutting your mind off and improving your focus,” she said.  “By focusing on breathing and slowing down one’s thoughts, you replace one thought with another…an anchor.”

This anchor, or mantra, which could be as simple as the phrase “love,” helps one forget about the negative stressors in one’s life.

Read more about Chelsea Longa’s attempt to bring the practice of meditation to the University of Rhode Island here.

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