Students Use Meditation To Beat School Stress

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Is Used To Deal With Academic And Peer PressureLet’s face it, being a student today can be quite a challenge. Not only because of the curriculum, but also because of peer pressure and the tremendous stress that students are under to make top grades. And while athletics used to be the great stress reliever in times past, in this day and age, at least at this Toronto school, meditation and other holistic health practices are used to help students weather the stress storm.

Checkout this recent Parent Central post from Louise Brown on a new program being offered at the North Toronto Collegiate Institute aimed at helping students succeed. At a school known for tough academic pressure, Stress Busters combines several alternative health practices including meditation and sound therapy to give students a reprieve.

Concerned at the growing number of students diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorders — and more who seem headed that way, especially in Grade 9 — North Toronto Collegiate has launched an unusual program to teach teens how to handle the stress thrust on them by parents, the school system, and themselves.

Through lunch workshops in meditation and kick-boxing, laughter therapy and yoga and even listening to new-age music played on crystals, the school is trying to teach kids what guidance head Michelle de Braux calls “the fourth R — relaxation.”

Read more here on how this Toronto school uses practices like meditation and sound therapy to help it students deal with school stress.

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