Take The Excuse Out Of Meditation

What are the top two reasons why people don’t meditate? Lack of time and a busy mind. Well the good news is that this post addresses both. Hopefully it will be enough to convince you that you don’t have any more excuses when it comes to picking up a meditation practice.

Karen Fabian in this recent Charlestown Patch post, with humor, takes a look at these two common meditation buzzkills. According to Fabian, no one has time. But come on, we’re talking about 5 minutes that could allow you to feel more relaxed and calm and help you to weather your daily difficulties. As for a blank monkey mind? Fabian points out that the mind isn’t supposed to be blank. News flash: meditation is supposed to help with a busy mind.

“Meditation” is always an interesting word to bring up with people. Usually the first thing people say when someone brings up the idea of meditating is, “I can’t meditate. My mind is way too busy.” Well, the good news is this: your mind isn’t supposed to be blank, nor will it ever really be blank. So, let’s just take that excuse and chuck it out the window. Next reason you can’t meditate?

Usually the next reason is this: “I don’t have time.” Ok, I hear you. Neither do I. I mean, I have to get up, brush my teeth, take a shower, eat something and I really don’t have five minutes to sit still because, well, my mind is going a million miles an hour and I have a big meeting at 9 and I have to mentally prepare myself for it, and, wait! Isn’t meditating a form of mind preparation? Well, I don’t have time to Google that, so I’ll just keep rushing around the house because I know that’ll really put me in the right mindset to be in this big meeting.”

Read more from Fabian on throwing our your meditation excuses here.

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