Taking The Stress Out Of Stress

Whether you know it or not, as human beings our brains come equipped with a fight or flight response that protects us in dangerous situations. When a person comes into contact with an experience that is perceived (key word) as dangerous, the mind and body responds to a burst of hormones intended to give us the needed push to get out of harms way. Unfortunately, sometimes this fight or flight button gets stuck.

According to this Tehran Times post, stress is a normal part of life. The trick is not to avoid it. Rather, successful navigation through stress is possible by first going on a little fact finding mission to find out what your stress triggers are. In doing so you can come up with strategies to help you cope when your triggers are activated.

Relaxation techniques are an essential part of stress management. Relaxation isn’t just about finding some quiet time or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that helps you repair the toll that stress takes on your mind and body.

Almost everyone can benefit from learning relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques usually involve refocusing your attention to something calming and increasing awareness of your body.

Common relaxation techniques include meditation and yoga. Almost any type of exercise is a great stress buster. It doesn’t matter which relaxation technique you choose. What matters is that you practice relaxation regularly.

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