Taoist Meditation And You

Meditation | Taoist Meditation Is A Total Meditation Of The CosmosWhen it comes to meditation, one thing that continually comes up is the question over which practice is the best. And while in truth, no one practice is better than another, there are numerous types of meditation practices which, depending upon who you are and your unique personality, might resonate better for you.

In this latest Huffington Post, Sat Hon discusses Taoist meditation and how the practice itself isn’t a technique but rather a meandering meditation. According to Hon, existence itself is the meditation. The goal is to take each moment and accept it as is. Hon also presents several other meditation practices as examples (Yan Xan’s inner child meditation, the golden flower meditation, Qigong dynamic meditation, Mentak Chia’s macrocosmic/microcosmic meditation).

Taoist alchemical meditation

I consider this the most simple yet, the most difficult of meditations. There is no technique, no particular posture or formality. Just this very instance of one’s existence is the meditation. One takes each moment as perfect, whole and everything in its rightful place; thoughts, emotions and such are wonderful, magnificent manifestations and an expression of one’s true nature. It is likened to a man waking up after a long coma to find everything — every thought utterly sweet. In other words, as in the case of a patient of mine who suffered partial paralysis from a stroke, the sharp pain of a needle was felt with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

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