Tapping Into Your Spirit Through Meditation

Apart from the physical and mental benefits that meditation offers, a large component of meditation is the ability to tap into a deeper sense of existence. For some, the hope that in doing so will help inform them of their life’s purpose. Whatever name you choose to call this realm, meditation connects you to your spirit, and in that, your true power.

David G. Wilcox discusses meditation as a way to tap into the Power of the Spirit in this latest Healthy Wealthy ‘N Wise post. Says Wilcox, we (as our ego) are not this Power per se. Rather, we are a reflection of and a conduit for it. Important to remember is that a meditation practice can allow us to truly change.

Second, that we, and the human race as a whole, are a work in progress. Communicating with, and becoming aware of, the Power of the Spirit effects change in us individually, and the human race as a whole. Once you contact this reality and move within the Power of the Spirit, your life can never be the same. Everything you previously thought about life will change; your goals, your desires, your dreams. You will have changed, become a new creature, a new creation. And human society will be better because of this change which is manifesting in your life.

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