Teachers Using Meditation To Set An Example

Meditation | Teachers Hope To Pass On Meditation Benefits To Their StudentsGrowing up is a challenging and often times confusing undertaking. Without proper support and encouragement from both parents and society, many children are left to function in the world ill-equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs. As a result, children grow into adults disconnected from valuable internal resources that, if recognized, could help them to find a grounded space both within themselves and their world when times get tough.

Mary Barnett pens this recent Nooga post on a group of teachers in Chattanooga, Tennessee who are learning to practice meditation to bring more balance to themselves and their classrooms; the hope is that this will translate positively to their students. According to Barnett, the entire staff at Orchard Knob Middle School participated in the workshop intended to infuse techniques designed to transform mental and emotional stress into productive energy.

The hope is that the methods picked up by the teachers to keep themselves in balance can also be shared with the students.

“We want to help find ways to teach students how to bring themselves out of a difficult situation. We can train them what to do when they are feeling overwhelmed, when the work is too hard, or when they feel like giving up,” Sorrells said.

Both Willard and Cagle said that they felt training the faculty using these de-stressing tools could be the start of a new trend for school systems.

“It’s a bold move for Principal Sorrels. It shows her creativity and willingness to raise the bar in trying new ways to empower her faculty and students,” Cagle said.

Read more from Barnett on how teachers are learning meditation to pass on the benefits to their students here.

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