Teflonate Yourself With Meditation

Meditation | Imagine Life Free From Stress And Worry With MeditationOk, so teflonate isn’t a real word. But when you reflect on how effective meditation can be in helping a person to learn how to shrug off the difficulties of life, it’s pretty spot on. And although many a beginning meditator has difficulty imaging a life free from stress and worry, do yourself a favor and consider trying this holistic healing practice that might just make it a little bit easier on you the next time your significant other forgets to take out the trash.

Checkout this recent NovaFM post from on-air personality Monty about her somewhat comical experience with meditation. According to Monty, although at first skeptical of the popular “mind slowing” practice, when she saw the effect that it had on those around her she became sold.

Within weeks she had transformed from this women who literally pulled her eyebrows out when she had a deadline and broke out in this festy red rash when she felt a little overwhelmed to one of ‘them’. It was bizarre. Meditation became a part of her daily routine and within a short amount of time she had left my way of life and become a flower sniffer. That’s all I needed, I was in, and I signed up and spent a weekend learning how to meditate. I made my boyfriend Sam do it with me too so we could transform into a power couple who bush walk and eat organic lentils together.

Read more from Monty and her experience with meditation here.

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