The 3 Step Meditation

Whether you are a beginning meditator or someone who has been practicing for a while, meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. And while the human mind strives to do things perfectly, trust me on this one, less is more.

If you still aren’t convinced, checkout this latest Men’s Health article on the art of meditation. Citing the recent published results from the meditation study done at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, the post goes on and outlines a 3 step meditation meant to show just how easy a meditation practice can be. The message? Don’t over think it!

Assume the Position

“You can lie down, walk, eat, or sit,” Dr. Zeidan says. Do whatever makes you comfortable and makes it easy for you to focus.

Feel Your Breath

Focus on your breath—and this is important—how it feels. “Follow it as it enters at the nose, notice any tingling, scan your body for sensations,” Dr. Zeidan says. “This is where you should transition from thinking to observing,” offers Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak and creator of along with a series of meditation videos. “Once you get into a rhythm with your breath, observe how your breath moves in and out, noticing how it makes your body feel.”

Racing Thoughts? Let Them Go

If you get distracted, don’t worry about it—and definitely don’t feel guilty, notes Chopra. “You could experience a million thoughts in one sitting, and it’s important not to ignore them,” Zeidan says. “Instead, acknowledge them, and realize they’re just a moment in your life. If you’re angry, for example, acknowledge that, but then see your anger as a moment, and let it pass.” A trick to keep from dwelling on a thought: If you notice your mind wandering, go back to observing your breath.

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