The Art Of Being With Oneself

Meditation | Meditation Teaches You To Appreciate The Relationship With YourselfAs with all relationships, the relationship with oneself actually takes work. And although many of us take it for granted, just like your mother told you, it’s probably going to be the most important relationship you can have. Why? Because you’re the one who you spend the most time with. Isn’t that motivation enough?

Angie Ferguson pens this recent News Press post on meditation and how the practice as its most basic level is about learning to have a relationship with oneself. According to Ferguson, standing in the way of this union is our Western outward-focused mentality which causes a person to loose sight of one’s core values. Meditation helps to bring back into consciousness one’s higher self.

At the most basic level, meditation is the art of being with oneself. Meditation is an invitation to take time out from our busy lives and spend some real time, some quality time, with ourselves on a deeper level. It is time to find out what’s really going on inside us.

In Western society, meditation offers an antidote to our incredibly busy, overstimulated, Blackberry-addicted, iPod-plugged-in life, which can lead to heightened stress, anxiety and a sense of losing touch with our core values. Conversely in the East, where general health, well-being and life expectancies outweigh and outlast ours, meditation has been a traditional spiritual practice for thousands of years. It’s part of a tried and tested path to peace of mind.

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