The Barefoot Moving Meditation

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a moving meditation, put simply, it means going through your day (or part of your day) and focusing within in an attempt to still the mind while in motion. A challenging practice yes, but done repeatedly, can offer you profound benefit when it comes to dealing with people and the other happenings in your life.

Nina Wu, in her latest Star Advertiser report, introduces us to Renee Tillotson, founder and director of the Still & Moving Center in Kakaako, HI. Using a practice called Nia, Tillotson teaches young and old the ability to hold focus while in motion (in addition to several other mind and body centering techniques).

When looking for instructors, she began to embrace many other practices with the same “moving meditation” concept. The center offers dozens of other forms of dance, movement and practice — ranging from aikido to Bha ra ta nat yam (Indian dance), ContempoModFunk dance, ecstatic dance, hula, meditation, tai chi, yoga, Pila tes and Take tina (a rhythmic, musical form of meditation).

Read more about Tillotson and her moving meditation classes here.

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