The Carmageddon Meditation

Meditation | Carmageddon MeditationThe good news, at least if you live in Los Angeles, is that nothing really notable happened as a result of the I-405 weekend closure (except half a bridge coming down). That said, the question is now almost a week after the supposed Los Angeles Carmageddon, was anything collectively learned?

Maybe us Angelinos realized that when you threaten construction companies with tens of thousands of dollars in penalties, they work faster? Or maybe that when the city puts its mind to something, change can occur? Just maybe, however, the lesson learned was much closer to home. Like when a person, or a city for that matter, is given the excuse to slow down and become mindful, magic can happen. The Los Angeles Carmageddon was much more of a collective meditation than anything else. A rare time, when for most of us, we stayed close to home and valued that which for many of us we normally take for granted.

Although written pre-Carmageddon, this Malibu Patch post from Rabbi Levi Cunin provides a good meditation frame-up for Carmageddon II, date TBD. According to Cunin, what Carmageddon provided was the opportunity for reconnection to family, meditation, and prayer. Of course, the Rabbi advocates turning off that cell phone for maximum effect.

Regardless of the multiple differences in our upbringing and philosophy, the 405 closure is handing us an opportunity that should be pursued. Many people have planned to stay put and not go to work. To some, this is inconvenient, annoying and even a matter of great concern. But there is an incredible opportunity here. For those who don’t get a chance to experience a stop in the seemingly unstoppable cycle of what has become their life, here is an opportunity to just “slow down.”

We all benefit from slowing down the engines and spending time with what is really important; our family, meditation and just time off.

Read more from Cunin on the power of a Carmageddon meditation here.

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