The Chakra Map

Meditation | Use A Chakra Meditation To Balance Your 7 ChakrasMuch mystery surrounds the chakra system. Although it is the system thought responsible for transforming spiritual energy into physical energy, because there are many components to each one of the seven chakras, the concept of the charka system can sometimes be confusing.

In this post from Janet Erickson the chakra system is simply and clearly explained in detail. Erickson not only goes into the physical location of each of the chakras (in the body) but also speaks to which part of the body each of the seven chakras is responsible for controlling.

Erickson further goes into the healing aspect of each of the chakras, outlining the different colors associated with the seven energy centers. Finally, she covers the mental, physical, and spiritual maladies one can expect when the corresponding chakra isn’t functioning properly.

First Chakra: This is located at the base of the spine. It is called root or base chakra.  It governs the spinal column, skeletal system, feet, legs, immune system, rectum and healthy sexuality when in contact with another. This chakra is linked to the adrenal glands. The colors that symbolize them include red, brown and black. The root chakra particularly helps one to fully enjoy all the physical aspects of life.  People who experience frightening conditions or lack of self confidence have unbalanced root chakras. In the physical aspect, they are people who suffer from weight issues, hemorrhoids, constipation and knee troubles.

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