The Green Dot Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

Meditation | Mindfulness Meditation Centers The Mind And BodyIf you’re a long time meditator, you know that part of the practice is about finding the time in which to cultivate that inward focus and relationship with self. But that’s only part of it. The other part is committing to practicing and practicing and practicing. Without that commitment, the benefits gained in meditation can be fleeting at best.

Judi England, in this recent Times Union post, empathizes with those of us who have difficulty remembering the commitment part by offering a simple and easy exercise sure to jog into place anyone’s meditation memory. It’s her “Little Green Dots” exercise and it uses those small stickers you can find at any stationary store to help remind you to focus on being mindful.

So here’s what you do:

  1. Decide if you could benefit from a booster dose of Mindfulness.
  2. Take that intention to the local office supply or stationary store and pick up a package of very small, self-stick dots.  Here’s a picture of what mine look like.  As you can see, they’re not all green – doesn’t matter – blue, red, or yellow work equally well.
  3. You’re going to wind up with lots and lots of dots in a package so you will want to share some dots with your friend and family, paperboy or toll taker – anyone who’d like to be more mindful.
  4. Place a dot in about 6-8 places where you’ll see them during your day.  This, in itself, is an exercise in mindfulness. Usually when we do this exercise as part of a meditation class I hand out the dots and directions one week and give no suggestions about where to place the dots.  Getting back together the following week, people share their experiences, including their choice of dot locations.  Sometimes it’s pretty predictable: phone, computer screen, car dashboard, refrigerator, wrist watch.  Other times it’s hilarious. One woman put one on her 2 year-old’s forehead!
  5. Here’s the directions, verbatum, as I give them along with the dots:


Each time you see a DOT – Take a breath – Ask yourself  what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing in this very moment.

Take another breath – return to what you were doing in a more Mindful way.

Read more from England on how to practice the “Little Green Dots” meditation exercise here.

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