The Heart-Mind Connection

Those who have been meditating for a while know that the heart and mind are connected. Try to practice any meditation for any length of time and you’d be hard pressed not to drop into your heart at some point. Unfortunately, those who aren’t aware of this connection tend to lead lives filled with stress, anxiety, and depression and move further and further away from their hearts. And as a result, can get sick with disease.

This Times of India question-and-answer post with Dr Lionel H. Opie addresses how Indians tend to lead happy and healthy lives despite the most dire of circumstances. The reason? Yoga and meditation.

The heart and mind connect to form an individual. A fast, stressing and sedentary lifestyle scatters the three. This causes disease. “But Indians have a natural edge to ensure that this fabric stays intact,” believes, Dr Lionel H Opie, known to be the father of modern cardiology and author of `Living Longer, Living Better’.

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