The Importance Of A Good Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Those who have been meditating or practicing yoga for a while know how important it can be to have a teacher who has a good grasp of what they are doing. Especially for those people who are just starting their practice, a competent instructor can mean the difference between a solid and an unstable foundation. So what exactly makes for a “good” teacher?

In this Modesto Bee post from Sam McManis, several important factors are discussed regarding what you should look for when choosing a teacher. According to McManis, because of the number to classes available, today more than ever, you can really take your time and figure out what kind of class best suites you. Do you pick one that concentrates on breathing exercises or maybe more on physical exercise? How about one that works on balancing chakras?

You’ve read that it’s an ancient Hindu art form meant to develop the mind, body and spirit, partly through a series of poses and exercises. Still, so much remains a mystery.

The answer, humble seeker: Let go, open your consciousness to new experience, accept initial awkwardness and incompatibility not as failure — there is no failure in yoga, they say — but as a necessary step in reaching a higher plane…

…A yogi must be flexible about the class’ skill level without dumbing down the practice, veteran instructors stress. And there’s this: Can the teacher challenge the student without scolding, impart spiritual components without acting holier than thou, and show compassion without coming off as a parody of a junior high guidance counselor?

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