The Inner Smile Meditation

Ok, so the name is corny. But since you’re reading this, maybe give it a shot?

We all meditate for different reasons. Some to relax, others to increase happiness, still others to help ease physical pain and sometimes to help heal emotional imbalances.

In this recent Yoga Journal post, yoga and meditation teacher Shiva Rea introduces us to the inner smile meditation, a meditation practice based on Taoist principles. According to Rea, the inner smile meditation allows a person to bestow all those benevolent qualities that are given to others when we smile to ourselves. The practice can be done in conjunction with other meditation practices, as a part of your yoga routine, or simply on its own.

Once you generate the feeling of this smile, let it radiate down the backs of your eyes like a waterfall. Visualize this meditative stream flowing down the center of your spine, to your heart and lungs, then into your stomach and spleen (under your left lower ribs), and liver (under your right lower ribs). Let it run down through the kidneys (back ribs), the colon and intestines (belly), down into your genitals, and out into your legs and feet. You can repeat the sweep from the backs of the eyes to the feet or do one long, slow sweep. The inner smile can be its own complete meditation or it may lead you into an effortless meditative absorption.

Read more from Shiva Rea on how to practice the inner smile meditation here.

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