The Ins And Outs Of Spiritual Healing

Meditation | Use Meditation To Reconnect To Your Inner ResourceLet’s face it, more often than not the world in which we live promotes an external search for truth and meaning rather than an inward exploration of one’s internal environment.

Unfortunately, this outward focus not only contributes to many mental and physical disorders, but also disconnects a person from a conscious connection to one’s Source. And while practices like meditation can be used to re-tap into one’s inner-recource, the trick is taking the time to make a concerted and intentional effort.

Checkout this recent Arab Times Online interview with multi-modality practitioner Madlena Krusheva on the truth behind spiritual healing. According to Krusheva, spirituality is the process of connecting to oneself; a life-long process, spiritual healing simply involves listening to oneself and finding those practices which resonate with your unique personality.

Q: There are many practices of spiritual healing, what are they and how can one decide which is best for them?

A: Let me first talk about the process of healing. I have studied divinity and all of the religions and it has been said that our DNA has been programmed to have the ability to regenerate and heal. We have always been built to regenerate since the beginning of life but with time and the different changes, our perspectives have changed as well as our values. Instead of focusing on what is really good for us, we’ve turned the other way and have become very materialistic and have lost sight of what really matters.

So basically that regenerating DNA has been blocked. We develop stress, we develop cancer and all sorts of things. What healing does is goes into your sub-conscious and unlocks past memories that have been destructive or unpleasant. These memories are blocked by your conscious on the present level, therefore they backfire on you and materialize in actual physical pain, discomforts and diseases.

Because we have fed our greed for so long as we’ve strived for materialistic gains, we have blocked our healing methods consciously and sub-consciously. Through healing, the sub-conscious mind is allowed to unblock the meridians or the energy pathways and so reactivate our body’s natural healing capabilities given to us by God.

We are programmed by the higher power to live in harmony with each other. We are all connected and it can’t be any other way because in the end we have one common destiny. As a healer, I am not specifically curing you. What I do is just take your hand and lead you on a pathway on which you become capable of curing yourself. Healers are just basically coaches who guide you to the cures that are within you.

The differences in the practices of spiritual healing are to do with method and origin. One technique is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), developed by Richard Bandle, which is a practice that puts your conscious mind in a state where the origin of a problem can be located. For example, you start smoking and you can’t quit. What NLP does is it takes you back to the origin of why you started smoking in the first place. It doesn’t just cure the symptoms, it reveals the different causes of those symptoms and helps remove them.

Another technique is called Reiki which uses energy symbols to open energy pathways that remove the blockages of past-life memories, trauma, childhood abuse and whatever there might be that is hindering the quality of life.

Another method is Hypnosis, which is widely misunderstood. People think it makes a monkey out of you and you become capable of doing things you don’t want to do, which is not true. First you are not asleep, but you are in an in-between heavy meditation state and can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do. You can wake up at your own free will. Secondly, you remember everything you say after you come back. You actually keep remembering things days and weeks after a hypnosis session.

What hypnosis basically does is turn the light on in the sub-conscious mind and bring out the problems so you are able to deal with them properly so you can lead a normal life. It works with bad habits, stress that you don’t know where it comes from and neurosis issues such as claustrophobia.

It is a very effective therapeutic technique but the participant has to actually be willing to try it and even believe in it. If your mind doesn’t want to be hypnotized, you are never going to be hypnotized. Before I began believing in hypnotism, a therapist tried to hypnotize me 16 times and I was dying from laughter. I drove my therapist absolutely mad. Then my mind basically got fed up with playing games and I decided to go under.

Every person may prefer one healing method over another because we are all individuals and you can’t apply one general rule over everybody. Everyone has individual needs and problems that need to be addressed in a specific way that works for that person. I prefer NLP, Time-line therapy and hypnosis because they give me the best results.

Read more on how meditation and other healing methods offer spiritual healing here.

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  1. Jonny says:

    I couldn’t agree more, I think utilising all the different spiritual healing modalities we have available to us is the right approach, it’s different things for different cases. I think in the future there will be a big fusion of western medicine and all the disciplines, with energy medicine and all the disciplines and this will be so for physical, mental and emotional health issues – a truly holisitc approach.

    I don’t think it will be long, I just saw an article today of how the NHS, in Britain, will be trialing out Reiki in hospitals for patients with IBS and related things – this is progress!


  2. I think Madlena Krusheva has said right thing here. Everyone can’t be in state of same spiritual healing therapy. Some would prefer to go for NLP,while other might have prefer hypnosis over the NLP. And about a truly holistic approach as described above by Jonny, i think it would almost be impossible to combine western medicine with the natural spiritual healing therapy. Western medicine and spiritual healing are two side of the same coin. While spiritual healing is something like connecting with the oneself,medicinal treatment works mainly for treating human body physically.