The Integration Of Meditation Into An American Life

The life of an American (or for that matter, anyone who lives in Western Culture) is categorized by many as something that includes family, friends, a job, and hopefully some time for fun. Unfortunately, the attempt to juggle all of these life-facets leaves little time for the cultivation of a relationship with self. Of course, all of these aspects of one’s life can be used as material to better get to know oneself. That said, if a person doesn’t have a dedicated practice in which to do so, this journey might be left untaken.

Delia Quigley, in her latest Care 2 post, explores the juggling act that many Americans face in their attempt at self exploration. According to Quigley, meditation is the key to taking this journey. Regardless of one’s life, a person must make time to self reflect.

Of course, you need to take time away from the world to go deeper into your practice, but the point is that you use your life as your practice, connecting all the dots, which lead you to communion with God. True spirituality is not just about attending church on Sunday and then spending the rest of the week fighting with your family and cheating your competition at work. It is difficult and arduous work, and it takes a focused mind to stay the course in our over-stimulated culture.

As a householder, you will face many distractions in your spiritual quest. You need to earn a living, spend time with your family and provide for their material comforts, and find time to do yoga and meditate. The purpose of meditation is to free the mind from attachment. As a householder, you must be willing to completely give up your attachment to the world of ambition, envy, romance, lust for power, greed, hatred and the many other temptations you encounter in life.

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