The Key To Peace In An Imperfect World

Can a person achieve inner peace despite world chaos? A question asked by many meditators when considering meditation. For some, the idea of inner peace only seems possible when the outsides are in order. For those who recognize that the outsides will never be perfect, the reason to meditate because of chaos seems quite reasonable.

Olivia Rosewood’s Huffington Post article explores this idea. In taking the stance that we live in a world riddled with individuals consumed in fear, and as a result locked in a fight or flight mentality, how is it possible to achieve clarity, health, creativity, and happiness? It’s not and so the stage is set for crisis.

Countering this perspective, Rosewood presents a hypothetical situation in which individuals achieve inner peace through meditation exercises which promote relaxation and connection. As a result, rather than coming from a fear based place, individuals through a grounding with self, meet the word with an overall sense of peace and well being. Change the insides and the outsides will change is the message.

Inner peace will strengthen individuals, and therefore strengthen our nation, better our world. Inner peace will bring power and clarity into your every decision and action. Can it wait until all of the world’s problems are solved? Perhaps your inner peace is the beginning of the solution.

Read more of Rosewood’s call for inner peace to combat an imperfect world here.

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