The Meditation Hut

Meditation | Practice Meditation In A Dedicated Space EverydayMove over small New York lofts as an excuse not to meditate!

A marvelous invention designed and built by Toshi Kasai for Liu Ming, a teacher of feng shui Chinese medicine, does away with any final excuses. Presenting the meditation hut: an eight-foot cube in which Ming eats, sleeps, works and meditates.

For Ming, the hut is perfect since his New York loft is used primarily for teaching. As a result, his personal space is at a premium.  The design, which takes into consideration both functionality and privacy also gives him the ability to honor his feng shui practice (the hut which is built on rollers can be turned to accommodate the loft’s energy as well as natural light from outside).  While his work area and living quarters are on the first floor of the hut, the meditation and tearoom are on the hut’s roof – was this on purpose? I think so.

“In feng shui, we talk about the harmony in the place that you live in,” Mr. Liu says. “The cube evolved out of wanting cozy with the option of keeping a big, open space at the same time. And we added wheels for feng shui purposes. Now that it is portable, I can spin it on an axis, I can point my head and point my desk in different compass directions for different projects. If I am writing something and feel blocked, I can get up and move the room.”

Read more of about Kasai’s invention in the New York Times here.

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