The Meditation Magic 8 Ball

Meditation | Meditation Changes The BrainPeople meditate for a variety of reasons. Some use it as a way to connect to something higher than themselves. Others as the means by which to slow the pace down in a world that goes by way too fast. Still for others, the motivation to meditate comes from the “magic 8 ball” aspect of it. Meaning, ask a question, meditate, and then listen (with all your senses) for the answer.

Dr. Susan Corso in her latest edition to the Huffington Post explains her motivation for meditating. A dedicated meditator for over 30 years, Corso professes that the process of meditation doesn’t need to be complicated, nor too “woo-woo”. For her, the practice, whether or not it actually changes the brain (as is being reported in the news lately), quiets her and makes her more productive. Paramount to Corso’s meditation practice is her use of it to gain answers to her questions.

In 30 years of meditation, I have learned that I rarely get answers in meditation itself, but if I will pose a “problem,” “issue,” “question” in meditation, later — when I least expect it — I am presented with the solution. Meditation accesses my interior knowing. And I’m not special. We all have interior knowing. What few of us have is the discipline to access it.

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