The Meditation Magic Of Pranic Healing

Meditation | Meditation Balances The Body's Subtle Energy SystemMost alternative healing modalities and forms of yoga and meditation focus on working with the body’s subtle energy field. Pranic healing is no different. That said, it is different in its concentration on the yoga sutras as a means to focus on the body’s key chakras to help ease mental, physical and spiritual maladies.

In his latest post from The Times of India, Reena Singh describes the 2,000+ people pranic healing seminar that recently packed a New Delhi auditorium. Part lecture and part experiential seminar, participants were taught the basics of pranic healing including group meditation and the chakra system.

The free lecture-demonstration taught the audience key pranic healing techniques, the power of group meditation and the importance of opening your heart and crown chakras to clean up your aura or energy body — a key concept of pranic healing. Doing this returns you to a stage of your life before you adopted street-smart, shrewd and cunning ways and a bagful of manipulating tricks to see yourself through life.

Read more about meditation and pranic healing and its benefits here.

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