The Natural Path From Drugs To Meditation

A strange title for a post, perhaps. But read on, I think you’ll get it by the end.

People practice meditation for individual reasons. Equally so, those who take drugs (including alcohol) also operate from their own unique need-driven-basis. The question is, knowing the potential hazards of a drug filled life, what drives people to abusively use these substances? I guess the inherent need(s) must be pretty important.

Kara-Leah Grant pens this recent Elephant Journal post on her personal journey with drug and alcohol abuse and her subsequent road to recovery. What’s striking about her article, besides the detailed breakdown of every drug she has ever taken, are the profound realizations (via yoga and meditation) as to why she sought what some might consider a self destructive path in the first place: an unconscious drive to connect and the quest for oneness.

We humans crave connection – true connection that allows us to express our authentic selves without fear of being judged, and connection that says ‘I love you and I feel your love for me, just as we are here today, two humans doing the best we can with what we know’.

We humans also crave oneness – a sense that we are more than this body this mind in this place at this time. We remember our divinity and we want to know it again.

Plain and simple, Kara-Leah Grant is brave. Whether or not you agree with her path, the truth is she brings into consciousness why many people struggle with their misguided needs (even if don’t drink or take drugs). A lack of awareness. Checkout more on Grant and her use of meditation and yoga to help her reconnect to herself here.

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