The One-Minute Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Set Yourself FreeOne of the biggest excuses that people give for not practicing meditation is that they don’t have the time. Now whether or not this is their fear talking, or their expectation that in order to reap the benefits from a meditation practice a person must be able to dedicate 30 minutes a day otherwise why bother, the truth is that meditation can be practiced anywhere and at anytime. All you need is a little commitment.

Checkout this latest Huffington Post from Derek Rydall that outline several one-minute meditation paths specifically designed for those manic people on the go. According to Rydall, meditation is a state of being that can set you free. The trick is to find creative ways in which to cultivate this state. Below are four one-minute meditation techniques from Rydall.

Practices of the One-Minute Mystic:

  • Before you get out of bed, take a minute to connect with your breath. Watch it breathing itself. If your mind kicks in, assure it you’ll be with it shortly, then bring attention back to the breath. Instead of “Good God, it’s morning!” try, “Good morning, God” Give thanks for everything in your life — including life itself — then put your feet on the floor.
  • As you take your bath or shower, take a minute to become conscious of the water against your skin, the sensations, the sounds. Stay in your body, instead of drifting into the future, planning your day or fantasizing that you won that argument! As your body is cleansed, affirm that mental and emotional debris is being washed away as well.
  • At breakfast, take a minute to smell the aromas, taste the food, and give thanks that it’s fueling your body. For a longer contemplation, trace back the origins of your meal. Those eggs were delivered by a truck driver, stocked by a grocer, gathered on a farm. Someone fed the chicken, delivered the feed, harvested the grain, and planted the seed. Millions of people went in to making that breakfast possible — not to mention the animals, sun, rain, and the whole cosmic dance of the universe.
  • In your car (or on mass transit), when you reach a stop, take a minute to watch your breath, give thanks for the perfect harmony in the universe, and how it’s reflected in the way the traffic lights and streets organize and order the chaos.

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