The Power Of I Am In Meditation

Meditation | Use Meditation To Descending Into The Depths Of Your MindThe reasons for meditation are as diverse as those who practice this ancient healing technique. Some use it to relieve stress and anxiety, while others use the practice to tap into their creative center. That said, if you’ve been practicing meditation for a while, you know that at some point you drop vertical, deep enough to experience a profound stillness and silence known simply as mindfulness.

Deepak Chopra pens this recent Care 2 post on the practice of meditation as a way to connect to one’s inner silence, the space from which all comes forth. According to Chopra, silence is the womb of creation. By descending into the silent depths, the phrase “I Am” is revealed. It is from here that all thoughts, beliefs, and sensations originate.

Once you have authorship of yourself, you come out of silence into activity to write your own story. There is no difference between sitting in meditation and living in the world. Both are expressions of awareness, the one silent, and the other active. Now you maintain two types of attention, one devoted to change, the other to non-change. This is the shift in consciousness that allows you to live from the level of the soul.

Meditating 24 hours a day means you retain your alertness and wakefulness all the time.

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