The Prescription For Positive Emotions

It is well known that a meditation practice can have positive benefits when it comes to your physical, emotional, and spiritual heath. Decreased stress levels, enhanced creativity, better relationships, and more compassion for oneself and others are just a few. As the practice continues to gain notoriety, gaining momentum in both psychological and religious circles, research is emerging as to how meditation can increase your positive emotional states and allow you to flourish and thrive.

In this Psych Central post from Joe Wilner, a loving kindness meditation is explored. According to Wilner, this type of meditation is meant to cultivate compassion for others and for yourself. Practiced daily, a loving kindness meditation is an ideal antidote to pity, resentment, and fear.

First, concentrate on offering love and compassion to yourself. Realize that you are naturally perfect and whole in God’s eyes. Once you are able to do this, and are feeling full of love and peace, transfer your focus to someone else in your life who has offered you great kindness and who you really care about. Eventually, work to give love and kindness to someone who you don’t have much feeling for, and ultimately to someone whom you typically feel negative toward.

As a result you will begin to experience more positive emotional states and can learn to take this state of mind into everyday life.

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