The Space Created In A Mindfulness Meditation

Most people react. Yes, while this might be an overgeneralization, see if you can become aware of your daily activities and notice just how much awareness you have when it comes to your conscious participation. While for one to be completely aware of every action would be exhausting and frankly, impossible, start first by becoming mindful of those actions you wish you could change, like how you react when someone tells you something that you don’t like.

Helen Adamopoulos, in this recent Medhill post, interviews social worker Georgia Jones and takes a look at the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice. Chief among them is the ability to notice the gap or space between when a thought arises and when you choose to act. According to Jones, noticing this space can ultimately lead to more control over your life.

Mindfulness has several components, aside from living in the moment, she said. One involves people who practice mindfulness creating a slight distance between themselves and the situation they are currently in by observing their thoughts and feelings.

“It gives you a little bit of space, a little bit of time,” she said. “The mindfulness allows that break in the automatic reactivity.”

This aspect of mindfulness can help people end negative behavior patterns.

Read more here from Adamopoulos and Jones on creating space during mindfulness meditation.

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