The Spanish River, Meditation And A Canoe

Meditation | Practicing Mindfulness Meditation Can Give You A Positive AttitudeUsing a canoe trip to Duke Lake outside of Toronto to provide the backdrop for his meditation analogy, psychiatrist and Psychology Today contributor Dr. Larry Culliford gently guides us through the obstacles and challenges that many meditators come across.

From the difficulty a person experiences at even beginning a meditation practice to what one encounters when actually being able to sit in a mindfulness state quietly for twenty minutes to the need for a good meditation teacher, Cuilliford isn’t shy in his reality of what meditation is.

That said, he is equally balanced with the positives including how perseverance and a positive attitude toward the practice can have huge payoffs. Again turning to the canoeing expedition which took him into deep ravines, a daily meditation practice takes us deeper and deeper into ourselves.

I’m telling the story as an analogy. Meditation can be like this: difficult and anxiety-provoking at the beginning. Many, however, comfortably learn its techniques in the company of others who become spiritual friends and companions. It is possible to make progress alone, but it can be slow and more limited without proper guidance and friendship, like heading against the current, for example, taking a wrong turn or expecting too much too soon. To help avoid mistakes and discouragement, it is best to find good meditation teachers.

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