The Three Platinum Rules Of Meditation

For those who don’t know, world renowned spiritual teacher and guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recently paid a visit to New York to help inaugurate I Meditate NY, a new wellness campaign aimed at helping New Yorkers to calm down and relax through the use of meditation. The event drew 2,700 people to Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall where participants were treated to a meditation by Shankar where he explained his three platinum rules of meditation.

Gitika Ahuja reported on the event for ABC News in this post that describes the evening. According to Ahuja, following Shankar’s three-part explanation, attendees were led in what was introduced as a 10-minute meditation. Much to the audience’s surprise, many getting happily consumed in inner-positive-reflection, the exercise lasted 22 minutes.

And then it was over. The Guru woke us up — and then he gave us a jolt. He told us in his gentle meandering voice that we had been in this “amusement paradise” for 22 minutes. Not 10 minutes as he had suggested, but more than double that. The entire room gasped. We had disappeared for nearly the length of an evening news broadcast.

And, even though it felt counterintuitive to do something so seemingly solitary with so many others, it actually now made perfect sense. Later, The Guru told me, “Group meditations help in creating a positive energy in the atmosphere.” Meditation was all about vibrations, he said. Just as we “catch anger” from angry people around us, we “catch” positive energy from positive people around us. The room was surely full of positivity.

Read more about Shankar’s New York visit and his three platinum rules of meditation here.

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