The Truth Behind Kundalini And A Chakra Meditation

Meditation | Use A Chakra Meditation To Awaken Your KundaliniFor those unfamiliar with alternative medicine, finding out that your body is made of energy might come as a shock. Although it makes sense, it’s understandable for those of us in the West, who aren’t accustomed to defining ourselves in terms of our 7 chakras, to look with a skeptical eye toward concepts like kundalini and the practice of chakra meditation to balance a person’s energy centers. Not to worry. Keep reading.

In this recent Hindustan Times post, Sadhguru explains with a simple and straight forward analogy the idea behind kundalini and why it’s imperative for a person to use healing practices like a chakra meditation to ensure that each of the seven chakras are functioning optimally. Why? That’s how you stay connected to your power source.

What is Kundalini? Let me use an analogy. In your house, there is a plug-point in the wall. The plug-point in the wall does not produce any power. Somewhere else there is a huge power station which is producing the power, but it cannot give you power directly. It is the plug-point which gives you the power.

Kundalini is the plug-point – a 5-pin point. You might have heard of the seven chakras. The muladhara is like a plug-point. That is why it is known as muladhara; it means “fundamental.”  Five of the remaining six chakras are the plug. What is the seventh chakra? It is like a light bulb; if you plug it in, then everything about you glows. If you are properly plugged in, keeping the lights on 24 hours of the day is not an issue anymore because you are plugged into the power source.

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