The Value Of A Guided Meditation

Meditation | A Guided Meditation Can Offer Direction And FocusThe truth is, meditation is a relatively new practice in Western culture. That said, it has been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world not only as a way to heal numerous mental and physical ailments, but also as a means to those looking for connection to oneself through a conscious relationship with a deeper sense of existence. Today, meditation continues to make a dramatic impact on the wellness scene as people from all walks of life turn inward to find answers.

Jill Magso considers the importance of a guided meditation in this recent Blog Critics post. According to Magso, the benefit of a guided meditation, especially for newcomers to the practice, is that it prevents a person from muddling through the vertical drop. Cultivating focus is key to achieving success with meditation. A guided meditation might just offer exactly what a beginning meditator needs to get on the journey.

What is guided meditation? As the name implies, this type of meditation employs a coach/guide who offers step-by-step instruction to those taking part in the meditation session. Such a group can then follow along with the guide to get better results. For those who are not familiar with how to properly meditate or even what to meditate on, the guide can provide the right direction needed to make the meditation sessions work in the most effective manner possible.

This leads into another critical point:

Meditating is neither random nor lacking in focus. Often, there are specific mantras that are more effective in certain scenarios. There will be certain definitive images which are best visualized during the meditation sessions. An experienced guide will know exactly what to visualize. Meditating under the supervision of a talented guide will aid in ensuring the visualization process is performed correctly so as to arrive at the desired end result.

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