Three Android Apps And Your Meditation Practice

Meditation | An Android App Can Help Teach You How To MeditateIf you don’t have an iPhone or an Android powered cell phone you’re missing out. Not that any old cell phone won’t get you by. But I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you just how valuable all those apps are, especially when it comes to helping a person with their meditation practice.

From timers to meditation music, meditation apps are hot items. Most especially if you’re a beginning meditator, a meditation app can be just the thing to help jump start your practice.

Checkout this latest Appolicious post on three must have Android meditation apps. According to the review, not only do these apps help to guide you into a meditation practice, but they also offer affirmations and instruction on how to properly cultivate and utilize mindful breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.

They are:

  1. Meditation – This app is comprehensive with its video lessons including guided meditation and information on the art of meditation. It helped me to see wider aspects of meditation.
  2. eMa Lite – The texts in this app cover a wide range of topics to assist one in meditation including how to sit, get your mind in the right attitude, and affirmations. It offers various meditations including one for healing, zen and vipassana. I like exploring the variety of different meditations.
  3. Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation – The app addresses 3 techniques for quieting the mind – mindful breathing, muscle relaxation and guided imagery done through audios and videos. Its breadth of techniques and inclusion of advanced meditation techniques is what drew me to it.

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