To Desire Or Not To Desire, That Is The Question

A question that comes up repeatedly for both new meditators and those who are well seasoned, is whether or not a person should focus on their desires in meditation. Probably a good intention and question to pose to the unconscious before going into a meditation, many might say that setting an intention is important, but that leaving the results or how a particular desire or intention manifests is best left up to the process.

In a question posed to Deepak Chopra via his website, Chopra addresses what a person should focus on when undertaking a meditation practice. Although some might believe that the Law of Attraction has a hand here and it’s “important to be mindful of what you wish for,” according to Chopra, the key is to follow the instruction given in meditation.

The objective of meditation is Self realization, so when you are practicing a silent meditation, then you should follow the instruction of your meditation, and not be trying to fulfill your desires. When you are doing a practice like the sutras that aim toward a specific outcome, then you simply introduce the intention/thought neutrally, and then let the attention go back to the silence of the non-local Self. This process ensures that whatever ability within you is actualized, it will be in your highest spiritual interest. If you incorporate feelings, images, and intense focus into this process, it may (or may not) accelerate the manifestation of the desire, but that individual focus will likely separate you from the pure intelligence of the cosmos and so the manifested desire won’t necessarily be the best thing for your spiritual evolution.

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  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania says:

    Swami Rama was a great Sage far away from the mundane desires. But in this world beseeched with outer attractions of physical beauty, sex, perverted life-style, diplomatic (duplicity-matic) false world, imperialistic material world; to teach this “Divine Knowledge” is just like trying to attempt to feed a child with a healthy aand nutritious meal. He will keep running away to the daily dire consternation of the mother.

    The bigger trouble today is that we have become over smart to trick everything and everybody. There is no one to listen whom you can tell. They don’t have time even to hear; what to talk of listening or meditating. The whole world is sizzling in self generated ‘Hate’. I do not know, “Where are we going to”?

    God bless