Top 10 Beginner Reasons To Meditate

Because meditation is a personal journey, everyone has there own unique reasons for picking up a practice. That said, most people choose to meditate because it quiets that monkey mind, the sometimes out of control piece of machinery that you have sitting on top of your shoulders. Other than a horse tranquilizer, there’s really no other means to help a person to witness their thoughts other than meditation. And at least with meditation, you can’t get a hangover.

Chiropractor and meditator Kristin Shepherd shares her top 10 in this Yoga Journal post. While most people will identify with all the reasons, pay special attention to number 4. It’s pretty profound if you think about it.

  1. Because it makes me happier overall. There’s nothing sophisticated about this, but if I had to pick one, this’d be it.
  2. Because it has transformed my asana practice. Without meditation, I strive to be in a state of love in practice. With meditation, I am in a state of love.
  3. Because I’m a more patient partner, mother, and friend on every single day that I meditate. Patience is a challenging gig some days.
  4. Because I’m homesick when I don’t meditate.
  5. Because there are moments of high-flying, intoxicating bliss during meditation (as long as I don’t go in expecting that).

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