Training Awareness With Meditation

Meditation | Training Your Awareness Is Easy With MeditationSo apart from helping you to live longer by reducing your anxiety and stress, meditation has another gift: training your awareness to notice the subtleties of life. Why is this important? Well I guess that just depends on how much you want to enjoy the ride.

Imagine looking at art in a museum. Are you the type of person that runs from one piece to the next or does your appreciation of each piece come by noticing the details? I think you get the point.

Courtney Perkes gives a nice overview of the benefits of meditation in this lastest OC Register post. According to Perkes, in addition to increasing memory and regulating emotions, meditation teaches a person how to focus, concentrate, and become aware of the present moment. This is especially helpful in the fast paced world in which we live.

Dr. Roger Walsh, a UCI psychiatrist and philosopher, said scientists are confirming what sages have known for years: Meditation works.

“There’s growing evidence that our contemporary lifestyle and our digital immersion are exacting a price on our brains, and our psyches and ourselves,” Walsh said. “Meditation and other therapeutic lifestyle changes are really needed in a way they’ve never been needed before.”

Read more from Perkes on meditation and how to train your awareness here.

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