Training Your Subconscious Mind With Self Hypnosis

Meditation | Self Hypnosis Is A Type Of Meditation Used To Change BehaviorBefore you laugh, this isn’t a post about waving a watch in front of your eyes while reciting, “You are getting sleepy.” Truth be told, self hypnosis is merely a meditation of sorts intended to relax an individual into a state where the subconscious mind can be accessed to illicit change.

For many of us, we walk around this planet utterly unconscious as to why we do the things we do. Self hypnosis helps a person to get in touch with their motivations and intentions and can provide the perfect platform from which to positively change one’s life.

Sacred Duty recently published a post on self hypnosis and its effectiveness when it comes to breaking through the conscious and unconscious mental barriers that stand in the way of behavior more in line with your highest good. The post outlines 4 things to consider before trying self hypnosis.

Determine your objectives first.
Its usually better if you concentrate on one main objective at a time, since this helps you put more focus on it, and thereby increases the probability of success. Do you want to lose a bad habit? Or do you want to excel in a particular field of your academics?

Discipline yourself.
Any self help development program calls for your time and attention. Create a regular schedule for your sessions and find a place where you can be relaxed without disruptions.

The present is what counts.
You should always use the present tense when verbally or mentally affirming your desired goals. Affirmations should start with I am and not I will. Positive affirmations are aimed at making positive changes in your life right now, as in today and right at this moment; therefore they should speak of and in the present.

Practice makes perfect.
While every individual session helps, most self hypnosis techniques take repeated sessions before the affirmations fully ingrain themselves in the listeners subconscious. Depending on your particular program, you may need to continue with a self hypnosis program as long as 30 days in order for the autogenic training to be fully accepted.

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