Tuning Your Mind And Body With Chakra Meditation

Meditation | Achieve Optimal Health With A Chakra MeditationFor those who are familiar with alternative health this will be old hat. However, for those who come to health and well being from a more conventional approach, you might be surprised to find out that in addition to all the well known systems that keep your body functioning, there’s a subtle energy system, known as your chakras, that also works to keep your mind and body in optimal health.

There are seven major chakras that run from your pubic area all the way to the crown (top) of your head. Put simply, chakras are the unseen expressions of you in energy form. When in balance through practices like chakra meditation, a person can experience a greater sense of groundedness, ease, compassion, and connection to life, not to mention a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Carol Tuttle, energy therapist and chakra trainer, presents a fantastic overview of the chakra system in her latest post. Broken down into seven exercises, Tuttle not only explains the meaning behind each chakra, but also provides a chakra meditation for each in order to help you get back in balance.

Your chakras make up an energetic system in and around your body. Understanding and working with them gives you power to create more harmony and abundance in your relationships, health, and even with your money. The chakras already hold the blueprint for your abundant life. You just need to open up the energy and let it do its thing. It’s not hard. Shift your energy and your life shifts with it!

Checkout Tuttle’s overview and chakra meditations here.

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