Two Guided Relaxation Meditation Exercises To Bring You Peace And Quiet

Meditation | A Relaxation Meditation Can Help You To FocusFor most of us, finding the time in which to meditate is the most difficult part of the practice. What with all we have to do on a given day, it’s a wonder we even have time to process our actions, much less dedicate time to calm down and relax.

That said, finding even 10 minutes in which to focus within can not only help to bring down your stress and anxiety, but it can also help you in the long run by making you less susceptible to the negative effects a busy life can have on your mind and body.

Checkout these guided relaxation meditations from Indiana University. The first is a 9-minute breathing and muscle relaxation meditation geared toward calming you down. The second, 13-minute full-body relaxation meditation is designed to help you focus and deal with feelings of overwhelm.

Meditation #1: Breathing And Muscle Relaxation Meditation

Meditation #2: Full-Body Relaxation Meditation

Read more from Indiana University on the benefits of relaxation meditation here.

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