Uncovering The Hoffman Process

As much as people like to think that psychological trauma is just for babies (pun intended), to those real men who do cry, it’s clear that unresolved psychological issues are just part of this thing called life. I mean come on, who expects to come out of childhood not having some pretty powerful feelings over not being picked up or fed at just the right time? Pssst….no one.

Janine di Giovanni, in this latest Guardian post, sheds light on a long-standing healing method called the Hoffman Process that combines Eastern mysticism and deep meditation with Gestalt therapy, group therapy, and visualization. According to Giovanni, for most people the Hoffman Process is a life altering experience that for all intents and purposes strategically removes a person’s negative habits. The key, however, like with any healing process is to take responsibility and follow through with what you have learned.

Months on, can I say my life is drastically different? No. Partially it is my fault. I would like to say I followed the instructions and did my meditations; checked in with my emotional, physical and spiritual self every day; and stayed in touch with my comrades. I tried, but found it another techno burden, like checking Facebook, BlackBerry and email. I don’t meditate as much as I would like to. I did not go to follow-up meetings.

But I did maintain something that is hard to describe. Peacefulness, more awareness, and, very specifically, the very thing I had come to lose, I did. It was – as my teacher Matthew told me – surgically removed. Or more to the point, spiritually removed.

Read more from Janine di Giovanni about the Hoffman Process here.

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