Urbanites Turn To Meditation To Heal Their Woes

Meditation | Use Meditation To Connect To Your Body And Deal With StressWhile one could say that anyone could benefit from meditation, there are certain countries around the world whose population are in much more dire need than others. It’s probably why these countries already believe so strongly in the practice. In a country known for overcrowding, noise, and pollution, Malaysia is one such place.

According to this recent Star Online post, despite congestion, traffic, and crowds, mass numbers of Malaysia’s urbanites are turning to meditation to manage their stress and seek emotional and spiritual comfort. Many also use the practice to improve their health and efficiency. For most, peace is found during the many retreats offered by meditation centers spread throughout the country. Participants not only learn how to relax, but also how to connect to their bodies.

“One is often surprised by how simple learning meditation is,” Letchumanan said.

“In the first lesson, participants will be asked: ‘Who are you?’ Are you a high-flyer, an engineer or someone who carries your name? It is none of the above. You are an energy occupying your body to play a certain role, hence everyone is equal, and everyone possesses the basic qualities of the soul — pure, truthful and peaceful,” he said.

“It may be hard to focus in the beginning for urbanites, but to me, focus is love. If you love something sincerely, you will be able to focus on it,” he added.

The benefits of meditation are deeply felt by the practitioners. “They are calm, clear-minded, objective-oriented, loving and healthy, as most diseases start from the mind,” he said.

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