Use Meditation To Change Your Attitude

Meditation | Meditation Is A State Of BeingMost people think that a shift in attitude is easy. Maybe for some, but if you’re anything like me, an attitude shift occurs when one of two things happen. Either I get hit on the head hard enough by an experience to generate some humility, or through meditation or some other mind body centering technique I drop into a place of gratitude and acceptance and begin to look at the world around me through a more rosy pair of glasses.

Although I would like to believe that I travel this world in a constant state of peace and love, that’s simply not true. That said, when I can come from this latter state of being, life’s definitely much easier and sweeter.

Madugundu Krishna in this recent Ground Report post, outlines six positive changes to one’s belief system to help a person to become more in-line with others and oneself. He also suggests six meditation and relaxation techniques to help you get there.

Changes in attitude

One must try to put oneself in the other person’s shoes sometimes to understand the other person’s viewpoint.

One must learn to listen to others with patience. Most of us are in a hurry to talk and want others to listen but do not have enough patience to listen to the other person, which is one of the most common causes of chronic work zone stress.

Learn to look at things more objectively and dispassionately.

Do your best in any given situation and leave the rest to a higher power.

Trust in the presence of a higher intelligence, `an unseen hand’, which is always ready to guide us provided we are open to be guided.

Consider every experience as a `learning experience,’ however traumatic it may be. Once we stop labeling an experience as `good’ or `bad’, we look at it more dispassionately, and that is what is needed in a chronic stress situation.

Read more Krishna on using meditation to change your attitude here.

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