Use Meditation To Change Your Self Talk

Meditation | Improve Focus With MeditationIf you pay attention to the words you use to address yourself, you might just be surprised at how negative they are. For many people, this kind of self reflection is uncommon. That said, using self reflective practices like meditation can be the first step in changing the negative self talk that is more than likely sabotaging your success and overall sense of well being.

Checkout this recent DNA India post about how thoughts and self talk can determine our overall performance. According to sports psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, whose recent study targeted how athletes speak to themselves, the mind guides actions. By using meditation to improve focus and relaxation, one is much more likely to speak to oneself in a manner that is in line with the goal at hand.

Most important, Hatzigeorgiadis said, is that athletes train to self-talk, they prepare their scripts and use them consistently in training under varying conditions to better prepare themselves for competition.

The main goals behind self-talk, like other techniques such as visualisation to “rehearse” a performance or meditation to improve focus and relaxation, are twofold, Hatzigeorgiadis said.

“To enhance your potential; and to perform during competition in terms of your ability and not less,” he stated.

The meta-analysis can help sports psychologists and athletes refine their training. But the strategy has implications beyond the playing field.

“The mind guides action. If we succeed in regulating our thoughts, then this will help our behaviour,” Hatzigeorgiadis said.

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