Use Meditation To Conquer Your Fear Of The Dentist

For many people, even the idea of going to the dentist, much less sitting in a chair being prodded and poked, is a scary proposition. So much so that these “dental chickens”, rather than facing their fears, neglect their oral health. While the idea of meditation seems like a ridiculous solution to the problem, with a little planning and mindfulness, the use of meditation can offer a possible solution.

This Ezinemark article approaches the fear of going to the dentist and the use of meditation to combat it as a three step process. From acknowledging where in your body you experience the fear, to using visualization to isolate and put the fear in its place and then repeating the exercise until the link between mindfulness and isolation is solid, the point is to use your mind to control the fear rather than letting it consume you.

The key to why meditation works is that it allows the mind to focus on one thing. All day long, your mind is bombarded with stimuli and this creates a disordered state. By focusing on one single thing, meditation teaches you how to control your mind. We’re going to focus on your fear of dentists so that we can learn how to control it. Fear owns you; instead, you’re going to own it. Tell it that it’s not going to bother you today.

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