Use Meditation To Put An End To That Critical Voice

Meditation | Access Your Inner Wisdom Through MeditationRegardless of who you are, what you do, or who you think you are, you have an inner critic. Freud called it the super ego, Jung assigned it archetypal meaning, and most people aren’t even aware that they’ve got one.

Unfortunately, the longer the inner critic remains unconscious to the waking mind, the more destructive that part of you can be to your overall health and well being. Fortunately, practices like meditation and other mind body centering techniques can help you to bring that voice into consciousness.

In this recent Elephant Journal post, Tanya Lee Markul takes a look at the emotional black hole and self sabotaging behaviors that prevent many from finding out who they truly are. According to Markul, by recognizing symptoms of self sabotage and using meditation to get in touch with thoughts that lead to sabotaging behaviors, people can access their inner widsom.

2. Recognize the thoughts that lead to sabotage. Buddha says ‘we are what we think.’ Sometimes hearing our inner voice, our inner wisdom is hard when we have twenty other ‘voices’ screaming for our attention. Learning to observe these ‘voices’ versus attaching reaction, an emotion (or stress) to them can be a very good way to give ourselves some space to ‘think’. Perhaps things aren’t as intense or horrible as they seem. Perhaps they are even manageable.

What are your thoughts upon starting a project or goal – are they positive and self-affirming or are they full of self trashing and doubt? What are your thoughts during yoga practice, better yet, during more challenging postures? What is your inner dialogue during meditation? When you look into a mirror? When you supposedly f*ck something up? When you are faced with a challenging situation or person?

Learning to recognize the negativity and judgment that we alone instill upon ourselves can be a HUGE way to instigate a positive change from within – remove (or replace) anything from our inner dialogue that isn’t of compassion and support.

Read more from Markul on using meditation to heal that critical and self sabotaging voice here.

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  1. Brian says:

    Learning to separate the voices in our head and control which ones get through is so important in our day to day life, and yet people ignore it.

    Great post.